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Wellness Authority Raven Zaal

· Coach Raven Zaal,Raven Zaal

The Institute for integrative Nutrition donates to a variety of organizations which are also dedicated to changing the nutritional habits of the world’s inhabitants: City Harvest, Mercy Corps, Habitat for Humanity, Wellness in the Schools and Get America Fit. It is through a commitment to allied organizations in nutrition organization that followers like Raven Zaal seek to change the eating habits of the world. The sponsorship of IIN of organizations which fight childhood obesity and struggle to protect the environment is part of IIN’s longstanding determination to promote its belief that natural foods and proper nutrition can change everything.
In her capacity as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Raven Zaal acts as a wellness authority and supportive mentor. Raven Zaal works with clients to customize programs for wellness which help them adjust to food choices and nutritional changes as well as lifestyle adjustments to maximize positive futures. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition supports a holistic approach, a point of view which views every aspect of a human life: relationships, exercise, career and spiritual health as vital to the well-being of the individual as the food eaten. Raven Zaal is an Integrative Nutrition graduate, and as such is wholly trained in teaching skills for nutrition, as well as being versed in developing the business as a successful Health Coach.
Certified Holistic Health Coach Raven Zaal was challenged by her own struggles with diet and obesity, and brings her personal experience to bear in her work with clients who struggle to return to health and vibrancy through natural foods and balanced nutrition and exercise.
Raven Zaal is also a Diamond leader with doTERRA, and is passionate about empowering and educating women about the power of essential oils.

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