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Raven Zaal Part of Integrative Nutrition Mission

· Raven Zaal

For those who have a passion for wellness and healthy nutrition through natural foods and activity, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition offers the promise of knowledge and instruction which can direct an exciting new career in the field of Holistic Health Coaching. Raven Zaal is only the latest student dedicated to the passionate mission of Integrative Nutrition, which strives to be a vital part of the increased health and happiness of millions through its devotees.The Institute for Integrative Nutrition began in 1992 on the initiative of Joshua Rosenthal in a small classroom in New York City.Integrative Nutrition quickly established an online learning platform, reaching natural foods enthusiasts and healthy nutrition devotees in over a hundred countries, resulting in over 100,000 students and graduates of the program today.

Raven Zaal believes passionately in the mission and the efficaciousness of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, having practiced the precepts of exercise, natural food and balanced nutrition practices to bring her own body back to the peak of health from an indulgent and neglected state.The Institute for Integrative Nutrition was recommended for 40 college credits by the National College Credit Recommendation Service in 2012, and Integrative Nutrition launched its IIN Learning Center in 2014, when expansion was explosive to 60,000 students and graduates.Prior to the spectacular growth of Integrative Nutrition during that time, Integrative Nutrition had begun in 1992 with only 20 students, and had engaged in activism to ban trans fats in New York City restaurants in 2006.Integrative Nutrition students and graduates also marched to support mandated GMO labeling legislation in 2013.

Aside from her involvement with and passion for Integrative Nutrition, Raven Zaal is an Autism advocate. Raven Zaal is passionate about helping other parents get what is needed and appropriate for their child in an IEP meeting.

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